Best of Romania tour, escorted package holiday

1. About tours
Q. 1-1 Are reservations necessary?
A. Reservations are required. We recommend booking early as tours are often sold out well in advance. You can make a reservations on-line. In case of making reservations by phone please call toll-free: 0040-364-405641.
You can also make reservations by fax – download and complete the booking form and send it by fax to: 0040-364-405641 or by e-mail!

Q. 1-2 Do you provide an English-speaking guide for the tour?
A. Our tours include the services of English-speaking guides.
German, French, Hungarian and Hebrew-speaking guide are also available on request.

Q. 1-3 Can you arrange a private tour for our family?
A. We can design an itinerary at a time that suits you, to your own comfort levels and within your own budget. Please send your request by e-mail or by fax.

Q. 1-4 Do you operate tours even if there is only one participant?
A. Yes, most of our guaranteed departure tours operate even if there’s only one person.

Q. 1-5 Can you provide individual tickets for rail, air or ferry?
A. We do not provide individual tickets for rail, air, boat or ferry.

Q. 1-6 What is your Child Policy?
A. A minimum age of 10 years is required on non-family programs, unless otherwise indicated on the individual tour page. A client under 18 years of age and travelling alone during the tour period shall provide Transylvania Live with written consent of his/her guardian. Clients under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. On “for couples” tours a minimum age of 20 years is required.

2. Change itinerary
Q. 2-1 Can the accommodations or the itinerary suffer any changes?
A. In case we’ll have a full house situation at one of the hotels, an accommodation of an equal classification or better will be booked for you. In case of closed roads due to bad weather, working situations or dangerous weather conditions the itinerary could suffer changes.

3. Meeting Point
Q. 3-1 How do I get to Transylvania Live meeting point?
A. If you follow our recommendation on How to arrive (heading found for any of our holidays at the Special notes and info section at the end of the tour page)
In both cases our guide will expect you with a Transylvania Live sign.
If you choose other flights or means of transportation to get to your holiday please join the group at the same meeting points!
In the unfortunate case of a flight being lost or delayed and prevent you in this way from getting to your meting point in good time, please call 0040 364 405641.

4. Accommodations
Q. 4-1 What is “Single Extra”?
A. Our tour fares are based on two in one hotel room.
For occupancy by one person, the “single room extra” specified in each itinerary will be required.

Q. 4-2 I am travelling alone. Do you arrange shared rooms for individual travellers?
A. If you travel alone you have to book the tour with a single supplement; if you wish to book a double room which you want to share with another traveller, we’ll do our best to make all arrangements, but in case this is not possible, you’ll have to pay the single supplement; however it is our strongest recommendation to book the tour with a single supplement when travelling alone.

Q. 4-3 What is a “traditional Maramuresean country-inn” or “a typical Hungarian–Sekler country-inn”?
A. A welcoming country house, not necessarily decorated in a peasant like style; you’ll stay under the same roof with your Romanian host! In most cases dinner and breakfast are included, and rates are based on two guests per room.
They offer one bathroom for two rooms; the bathroom can be situated on the hallway.
Staying at a “traditional Maramuresean country-inn” or “a typical Hungarian-Sekler country-inn” will prove to be an unique experience.

5. Meals
Q. 5-1 Can you provide vegetarian food?
A. We can, in most cases. Merely show your preferences in your message.

6. Payment
Q. 6-1 What credit cards do you accept for the on line payment?
A. We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
Please select only these two types of credit cards for the online payment.

Q.6-2 What currency do you accept?
A. If you pay on-line using our secure internet booking form your credit card can hold any type of currency, the amount of money to be taken will be exchanged in EURO.
The exchange rate is that of your bank. Please check with your bank.
We accept USD, EURO, and GBP for payments by bank transfer.

Q. 6-3 Do you offer discounts for senior citizens, members of certain associations?
A. Yes, we do offer discounts provided they travel as a group; Contact us

Q. 6-4 Do you offer group discounts?
A. Yes, depending on the number of your group. Contact us

 Q.6-5 Is my money safe?
On-line bookings and payments are processed by Romcard, authorised agent for Mastercard and Visa in Romania enabling secure e-commerce and communications for Web sites.
As a tour operator we are governed by the consumer and financial regulations of Romania and of the European Union.
Romania’s legislation force the tour operators to protect tourists in case of insolvency.

Q. 6-6 What commisions do I have to pay besides your anounced prices?
A. Our prices include the online secure payment commsions. However depending on your bank some commisions may occur for international money transfer. Please check with your bank!

7. About Romania:
Q. 7-1 Do UK citizens require a visa?
No, UK citizens don’t require a visa.

Q.7-2 What countries require a visa?
To check the list of the countries that require a visa please see the web site page of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

Q. 7-3 What is the local currency in Romania?
In Romania the local currency is LEU, code RON.

Q. 7-4 What about the local costs in Romania?
Local Costs in a 3* restaurant: Soft Drink: $1.3; Beer: $ 1, 7; Bottle of Wine: $ 8, 7 – $18; 3 course dinner: $13.28 – $18.11.
In shops these products can be 50% cheaper.

Q.7-5 Are ATMs available?
ATMs are available in all the cities; near by hotels, our guide will come with good advice and recommendations.

Q.7-6 What is the voltage of the electric power system in Romania?
In Romania electric power in use is of 220 voltages, AC, usually 2 pronged.
If you come from UK you will need an adaptor to use your device at the power outlet.

Q.7-7 What’s the climate like in Romania, what clothes should I wear?
Romania enjoys warm summers and cold winters. In summer, cool cottons are best and in the winter a warm jacket or alike is recommended.

8 Other questions received from our previous visitors

Where was Dracula born?

Vlad, or Dracula, was born in 1431 in the citadel of Sighisoara from Transylvania into a noble family. His father was called “Dracul,” meaning “devil” in Romanian because he belonged to the Order of the Dragon, a title given by the Hungarian king for those which fought the Ottoman Empire. “Dracula” means “son of Dracul” in Romanian. Therefore young Vlad was “son of the dragon”. This was the beginning of the legend that Dracula was a vampire.

Where did Dracula live?

Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula was born in Transylvania.

As a teenager he lived in Istanbul, the Ottoman empire as the “guest” of the sultan; so that the Sultan is sure that his father, the Wallachian ruler, will be faithful to the empire.

Dracula lived most of his adult live in Wallachia as a ruler-he rulled 3 times

Dracula was kept prisoner by King Mathiash of Hungary even he was married with one of the king’s relatives. After the end of captivity the king helps him to regain the rulership of Wallachia for his third time as a ruler.

Where is Transylvania in Europe?

In Europe Transylvania is located in East.
Is sorrounded in North by Ukraine, in West by Hungary, in South by Romania province of Wallachia and in East by Romanian province of Moldavia (different from Republic of Moldavia). Transylvania is nowaday part of Romania.
In the past the land use to be part of Dacia, Roman empire, Hungarian kindom, Austro-Hungarian empire and once an independent pricipality.

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