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Transylvania Live – Expert in Transylvania

Registration: J12/167/2008

Unique Code: RO 23075037

Organizer of Dracula Tours and Halloween in Transylvania is Transilvania Live – Expert in Transylvania SRL

The company was founded in 2004.

Tour organizer licence number: 153.

Registration: J12/167/2008

Unique code RO 23075037

Owner: Hertha Todea

Transylvania Live – Expert in Transylvania – Bank Accounts

Raiffeisen Bank

RON :RO34 RZBR 0000 0600 1693 4914

EUR :RO33 RZBR 0000 0600 1693 4932

Transylvania Live – office Address
Razboieni Street, no. 31A, first floor, zip code: 401189
Turda, Cluj county, Romania, European Union


Transylvania Live SRL is part of Transylvania Live holding that includes:

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