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What are Dracula tours

Dracula tours definition

Dracula tours are a part of dark tourism that includes visits to places related to Dracula be it the historic character, the Dracula novel and places mentioned in the novels, the movies having Dracula as a character or any place related to shooting of those movies.

Dark tourism (also black tourism or grief tourism) has been defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy.

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Dracula tours in Europe

1. Dracula tours in Romania

2. Dracula tours in UK

3. Dracula tours in Ireland

4. Dracula tours in Hungary

5. Dracula tours in Slovakia


1. Dracula tours in Romania

The Dracula tours in Romania are organized in order for tour goers to visit the main landmarks related to Vlad the Impaler Dracula.

The more elevated Dracula tours in Romania include also:

  • accommodation Dracula themed hotels
  • vampire themed menus in Dracula themed saloons
  • activities and special events on Dracula/vampire theme

Example of such tours:
Vampire in Transylvania-7 days Dracula tour -The Awarded Dracula tour – a top 10 Must-Do Adventure according to Fodor travel guide.
This tour is with guarantee departure at certain dates, from Bucharest.
It is half-board and includes the special event that was featured on Travel Channel Ritual Killing of a Living Dead.

Vampire in Transylvania- 3 days short break – the escorted tour departs on request for minimum 4 tourists.
Includes a Vampire menu in a Dracula saloon with proper vampire stories and the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead.


2. Dracula tours in United Kingdom

Dracula tour in London with a Medieval banquet at the end

Bram Stoker lived in London for a while.
He use to be the secretary of Henry Irving, a famous actor.
Irving was the gentleman that inspired Stoker the idea of Dracula acting like a stylish British gentleman.
In this tours you will see Dracula’s HouseHighgate Cemetery, the strangling ghost of graves and vampires.
You will also see the Highgate Woods where satanists and witches performed their rites in the 1970’s,
Visit the haunts of serial killer Dennis Nielsen, and much more.
See more here

Dracula tours in Whitby
In the novel Dracula Whitby is the town in which the shop that caries Dracula arrive in England.
The tours are organized by WhitbyDracula Society on requests
In Whitby there is also a Dracula Experience house.
Unique tour of the history of Dracula, utilizing animated scenes, special effects and live actors

learn more here


3. Dracula tours in Ireland

Ireland is the birthplace of Bram Stoker, Dracula novel writer.

So there is an experience in Dublin called Bram Stoker’s Castle Dracula. Details here


4. Dracula tour in Slovakia

Dracula themed tour can visit various castle related to Dracula and the vampires in Slovakia.

Čachtice Castle
Have you heard about the world’s most sadistic female serial killer, Elisabeth Bathory?
Remembered as “The Blood Countess” or “Countess Dracula”, Elisabeth was said to be a murderess of more than 650 victims.
Some stories claim that Elisabeth had a routine of bathing in the blood of the virgins as a part of her beauty regimen.
Čachtice castle was the seat of Elisabeth and its nowadays a perfect place for those who love mystical places.

Orova Castle

Slovakia is also visited by Dracula novel readers for Orova Castle.
The top floor houses an exhibition of the films that have been shot there, starting with FW Murnau‘s classic Nosferatu the Vampire in 1922


5. Dracula tour in Hungary

Vlad Tepes the ruler of Walachia was kept prisoner by king Mathias of Hungary in a location near Buda castle.

The Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle was built over a 100 years ago for the 1000th birthday of the Hungarian State in 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition. The Hungarians loved so much the Transylvanian castle from Hunedoara Romania that they decided to replicate the castle in Budapest.

Local companies organize tour to this castle.

Dracula tours that starts in Budapest Hungary and visit Transylvania Roumania are also included under this category. See Dracula tours from Hungary



Dracula tour by type

Dracula tours can be classified by type as

  • multi-day Dracula tours – varying from 4 to 10 days
  • short breaks -with duration of at least one night until 3 nights
  • day-tours- excursions without overnight



Dracula tour activities

Duriing a Dracula tours the following types of activities can by ordered


What are Dracula tours-Video


Example of Dracula tour in Romania



The most Joyfully Halloween Party  from Transylvania -in Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula's Birthplace. Enjoy an intimate “dinner party”. Halloween party from Sighisoara was rated by our previous clients as being the best from the tour.

Hotel Dracula's Castle in Borgo Pass - built in accordance to Bram Stoker’s imagination, on Borgo Pass where the Irish writer placed the castle of Count Dracula, accommodation, candle lit dinner and a camp fire with all the right stories. 

Halloween Party at Bran Castle - The edifice owes its fame both to its unique charm and to the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula. You can expect a party with a nice clubbing atmosphere. 

Third Halloween Party in Transylvania - The location for the third Halloween Party will be announced soon.

Ritual Killing of the Living Dead - Help a haunted spirit to gain his peace - attend the ritual of killing a strigoi.  Halloween Party afterwards to celebrate the victory or recover from defeatlearn more

Sighisoara Medieval Citadel - the best preserved and still inhabited medieval citadel in Europe with a UNESCO World Heritage status, Vlad the Impaler’s birth place.

Snagov Monastery - where, according to the legend, Vlad was buried after his assassination 

Corvinestilor Castle - the greatest Gothic style castle in Romania, Corvinesti. The edifice was built in the 14th Century on the site of a former roman camp.

Vampire Treats: indulge yourself with a Vampire dinner to find out why it’s worth killing for a meal!


Day by day itinerary

what are Dracula toursDay 1, Bucharest - Snagov - Bucharest (about 1h driving)

Welcome to Romania !

10:00 AM - Our English speaking guide collects you from Moxa Boutique Hotel. Be prepared to immerge into the legend. Drive to Snagov to visit Snagov Monastery where, according to the legend, Vlad was buried after his assassination. The monastic establishment is located on a small island of Snagov Lake. The architectural style of the monastery follows the architectural pattern that is characteristic to the monasteries on the Holy Mount Athos in Greece.  Return to Bucharest and enjoy a city tour. Your first day in Romania ends with a welcome dinner in one of Bucharest’s top traditional restaurants. Your accommodation is in a great 4* hotel.


Poenari Citadel-what are Dracula toursDay 2, Bucharest - Poienari - Sibiu (309 km, 5h 20 min driving)

Morning drive to Poienari. Enjoy a morning visit of Poienari, to see the ruins of Vlad’s old and faithful fortress. The fortress located close to Fagaras Mountains , on a canyon formed by Arges Rives is perched high on a cliff, in fact a steep precipice. To visit the impressive fortress and admire the unique and breathless view from the top you’ll need to climb over 1400 stairs. Late afternoon arrival in Sibiu. Evening in Sibiu, the European Cultural Capital for 2007. The fortified town of Sibiu has been the center of Romania 's German minority since medieval times and it is one of Romania’s most beautiful cities. The city contains the largest concentrations of tourist attractions in Romania.  Accommodate in a 4* hotel, enjoy a traditional Saxon dinner in one of the best restaurants in Sibiu. 

Poienari Citadel is currently closed due to high bear presence in the area. For your safety, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to visit this landmark.

what are Dracula tours-typesDay 3, Sibiu – Hunedoara - TURDA (272 km, 3h 19 min driving)

We leave the impressive medieval town of Sibiu and head next to Hunedoara. Visit the greatest Gothic style castle in Romania, Corvinesti. The ediffice was built in the 14th Century, on the site of a former Roman camp. It served as a fortress until the mid 1400's, when it became the residence of Transylvania's ruler, Iancu de Hunedoara. Iancu upgraded the fortress and it soon became the most beautiful castle in Transylvania. From Hunedoara, drive to Turda, a small town with an intimate medieval atmosphere, home to one of the oldest Salt Mine in Romania. Accommodate in a 4* hotel, often referred to as a medieval fantasy with beds. Delight yourself with a vampire menu for dinner, a delicious reason to travel to Transylvania !

Dracula's Castle-what are Dracula toursDAY 4, Turda - Cluj-Napoca - Tihuta/Borgo Pass (191 km, 3h driving)

Prepare to descent to the heart of one of the biggest saline in Romania , the Salt Mines of Turda, with impressive halls named after kings and queens.
Drive next to the city of Cluj Napoca to enjoy a city tour revealing beautiful medieval buildings such as Saint Andrews Cathedral.   Today you’ll enjoy a stunning scenery, following the steps of Jonathan Harker to Borgo Pass– Bram Stocker’s character from Dracula novel. And here we are at Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass , a 3* hotel which was built in accordance to Bram Stokers imagination. Enjoy a special 3 course dinner and then experience a traditional music show (live) around a huge bone fire.

what are Dracula tours-definitionDAY 5, Borgo Pass - Sighisoara (198 km, 3h 29min driving) - Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel

You can’t miss the Halloween party from Sighisoara, that’s why we scheduled a late departure from Borgo Pass. So take your time, admire the incredible view, drink just one coffee - maybe you have the chance to take a nap during today.  Next stop the medieval citadel of Sighisoara a UNESCO World Heritage SiteFounded by Saxons during the 12th century, Sighisoara still stands as one of Europe ’s most beautiful and still inhabited fortified cities. Sighisoara is also the place where Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula, was born. 

20 : 00 Put on your costume and get into the mood, this is the reason for your travel to Transylvania. Prepare yourself for Halloween Party. You’ll enjoy a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits, excellent Romanian wine and accompanied by a special program  including the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead ( as seen on Travel Channel), professional ballet dancers and witchery moments with 2 incredible young magicians.

See here the full program


Halloween Party-what are Dracula toursDAY 6, Sighisoara – Brasov - Bran (145 km, 2h 20 min driving) - Halloween Party at Bran Castle

Stroll around the streets of the old citadel; admire the Clock Tower, concentrating Sighisoara‘s  history, the beautiful Church on the Hill and the unique Covered Stairs. Late afternoon arrival in the Medieval Saxon City of Brasov. The most famous landmark of Brasov is  the Black Church, the largest gothic edifice in South-Eastern Europe.

7:30 pm / The Ultimate Halloween Party at the Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle! Enjoy an unforgettable night tour of Bran Castle, meet the Wicked Fairies and get lost in their euphoric dance along with a glass of local red wine. Watch a horror movie projection and feel amazing being part of a great and dynamic Halloween After Party in the courtyard of Bran Castle until 4:00 am. There will be installed a big heated tent. Admission on Bran Castle property is available from 07:00 pm, you will set up departure hour with your tour guide.


Halloween Tour in Transylvania-what are Dracula toursDAY 7, Bran - Sinaia - Bucharest (174 km, 2h 50 min driving)

Your last Romanian morning. Drive to Sinaia, the pearl of mountain resorts in Romania, explore Pelisor Castle, part of the royal residence complex of Peles Castle. Pelisor impress the viewers with its combination of Art Nouveau style, Byzantine and Celtic elements. “Golden room” was design by the Queen Mary herself.

Late arrival in Bucharest. Please have in mind that on Sunday’s there’s a heavy traffic from Bran to Bucharest. Estimated time of arrival in Bucharest: 7PM


* Please have in mind that accommodation for the last day of the tour is not included.

**Airport / Hotel drop off included.


Itinerary on the map

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Dracula Tours review

what are Dracula tours-reviews
I just wanted to let you know that we all enjoyed the trip very much. Our guide, Sorin, was very knowledgable with a great sense of humor, and our driver, Stephan, was very skilled, and also very personable. As I mentioned, all in all, we had a wonderful time and are very happy that we chose Transylvania Live. I also wanted to let you know that it was really nice to meet the people from Transylvania Live during our party in Turda. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends who might ask about Romania. Thank you again for all of your help, and most of all your patience with all of my many questions!!! Multumesc!!!!
Damon B, New York, NY, USA

what are Dracula tours-guide

Codrin, group leader says: It’s a great satisfaction for me to guide this tour and share all my knowledge on Transylvania’s history and legends, and also create a special fairytale, funny atmosphere.


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