History of Transylvanian emigration
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For almost a hundred years Romanians streamed out into the world, drawn by ambitions, pressed by wars, political persecution and economic disasters.

An estimated one million Romanian – Americans live in the United States today, and another million are descendents of Romanian emigrants (according to wikipedia.com).

Historians can establish four major immigration waves: at the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century when economic decline and a high birth rate compelled simple villagers to flee to the New World, the land of opportunities.

After the II World War the political persecutions of communism determined mostly artists and intellectuals to escape.

The third wave was in the middle of the 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s. The last wave of emigrants was after the events of December 1989 due to not only political but also social and economic crisis.

Romanian Diaspora
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Artists, scientists, musicians and creators
The new citizens happy to have found freedom and a fresh start, were eager to establish themselves in their adoptive country.

From the Romanian Diaspora valuable scientists, artists, philosophers, musicians and publicists became famous and renowned throughout the world.

They dedicated their talents and experience to help build and enrich their new country, people like Nobel Prize winner Emil Palade, Nobel Peace Award winner Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Award winner Hertha Muler.

Nadia Comaneci the famous gimnast.

Actors like Johnny Weissmuller (main caracter of Tarzan movie), Harvey Keitel, Lauren Bacall, Marisa Tomei, Audrei Hepburn, comic book creator Stan Lee (Spider-Man, X-men, Incredible Hulk etc.), musician Art Garfunkel from “Simon and Garfunkel”, conductor and musician Sergiu Comissiona and many more.

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